Indian American Cultural Center, Inc.

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PURPOSE of the Corporation is to operate as a Charitable,Cultural and Educational Organization,within the meaning of Section 501 © (3 ) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 to foster the Culture of Indian-Americans within the broader context of diverse populations in Charlotte and neighboring counties in South west Florida.

About Indian American Cultural Center

 Indian American Cultural Center, Inc helps  to create a bondage among the  Indian community, their kids. The goal is to preserve the best of Indian culture while creating mutual respect for both cultures based on American values of freedom, individual liberty and pursuit of happiness.


Indian American Cultural Center, Inc was incorporated by Prof. Mukunda Rao on April 16th 2004,the charter President during the that time. He was succeded by Dr.C. Gnanashanmugam  as President 2006 - 2008 He was succeeded by Dr. Samir Vakil as President 2008  - 2010 He was succeeded by Dr Usha Chandrahasa as President 2010 - 2012 The present President is Selvarajah Sunderavel 2012 – 2013